COVID-19 Task Force

In these rapidly changing times, Scali Rasmussen is committed to actively monitoring each twist and turn and assisting clients on the wide array of business and legal challenges arising from COVID-19 (coronavirus).

From local, state and federal regulatory compliance updates to employee health and safety strategies, our attorneys are fielding client inquiries and providing advice and counsel to successfully navigate this new business and legal landscape.

COVID-19 action items

The COVID-19 legal environment is constantly changing. Below are some of the most recent action items were recommend that our clients take.

The State of California announced that on June 15, 2021, it will bring its Blueprint for a Safer Economy guidance into line with the CDC guidance. Local governments may also follow suit by that date or shortly after. It is time to reevaluate businesses’ COVID protocols. The attorneys of Scali Rasmussen are here to help you navigate these issues in a manner that will limit your legal exposure.

  1. Understand your applicable orders. Every business should know which state and local guidelines apply to them, and watch for updates in the coming weeks and months.
  2. Continue to follow the applicable orders. COVID-fatigue is surely setting in for many employees, but local and state orders remain enforceable and violations of the applicable orders can create legal liability.
  3. Consider asking employees their vaccination status. This Coffee Break edition includes an article regarding asking employees about vaccination status. There are important legal issues to keep in mind, but knowing their employees’ status will help businesses make decisions about COVID protocols going forward.
  4. Limiting liability should remain a top priority. Even as state and local orders change, continuing to follow some effective prevention measures may be wise, depending on the businesses particular circumstances. In particular, businesses that have a high number of unvaccinated employees should carefully consider whether changes to social distancing and mask-wearing rules should remain in place even when orders change.

News from the COVID-19 Task Force