DMV issues online sales and off-site delivery COVID guidance


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Today the California DMV issued an Occupational Licensing Industry News addressing how dealers may legally offer vehicles for sale online and perform off-site delivery of the vehicles. While the guidance states it “clarifies the requirements” during the “outbreak period,” it should be read to extend beyond the present. This is the first guidance from the DMV acknowledging that new car dealers may legally offer online sales.

Scali Rasmussen developed policies and customer waivers in March to help its clients shift to online sales and off-site delivery in response to the pandemic and government shut-down orders. Our guidance is consistent with and anticipated the DMV’s guidance. Dealers currently advertising online sales and those considering it should put appropriate policies, procedures, and customer documents in place. Contact the attorneys of Scali Rasmussen today to ensure you move into the future of online sales and off-site delivery on a strong legal footing.