Retail auto dealership law

Retail auto dealers in California and across the United States face enormous business pressure. Profit margins are tighter, digital technology is disrupting traditional business models and customer expectations, and regulatory burdens from state and federal agencies grow more complex each year.

Scali Rasmussen's counsel keeps auto sales clients ahead of competitive challenges on all fronts. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we customized counsel to support the rights of auto dealers, and provided them with tools to make it through pandemic stronger than ever. Our areas of counsel include:

Transactions, operations and business protections learn more >

  • Outside general counsel services
  • Buy/sell and buy-in agreements
  • Trade secrets and trade infringement
  • Labor and employment advice and counsel
  • Commercial leases

We successfully prevented a franchisor’s attempt to approve the relocation of its franchisee (a competitor) into our client’s market; this is only the second instance such a protection has been granted in the history of the New Motor Vehicle Board

Regulatory compliance learn more >

  • Advertising compliance and programs
  • Regulatory compliance, agency investigations and audits (FTC, DMV, BAR, CARB and BOE)
  • Privacy & cybersecurity
  • ADA compliance
  • COVID-19 compliance

Disputes and litigation learn more >

  • Franchise protests and litigation
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Employment litigation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Finance & Insurance (F&I) / Truth in Lending Act (TILA) litigation
  • Lemon laws, consumer and product defect litigation

Automotive clients

Our clients range from publicly held dealer companies and national dealer groups to family-owned small dealerships across the United States. We also represent affiliated auto industry clients, such as surety bonding companies, finance companies, Internet marketing companies, wholesalers, parts manufacturers, insurance brokers, F&I product providers and dealer associations.

Comprehensive counsel for a competitive industry

Our attorneys' commitment to retail auto dealers is over three-decades deep.

We guide you through today's demand for regulatory compliance and reduced risks while also watching out for emerging developments, such as California's zero-emissions by 2035 rules and the impact they will have on your business.

Recognized as a top automotive law firm by the Daily Journal, it noted that “from state- and national-level laws and regulations to a network of automotive-industry professionals, … [the firm]works to stay on the cutting edge of new industry trends.”

Our industry influence includes consulting on legislation, serving in-house at leading automotive groups and the California New Car Dealers Association, and writing books published by the CNCDA and National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA).