Outside general counsel services

Consider Scali Rasmussen, PC your on-call, one-stop, outside general counsel. Valued by clients for its flexibility, responsiveness, affordability and practicality, our outside general counsel services are scalable to your issue at hand. We also provide experience-backed perspectives on high-stakes opportunities and matters.

Advantages of outside general counsel services program

Scali Rasmussen's Outside General Counsel Services Program provides a lower-cost alternative to obtain all of the legal and regulatory compliance, HR, franchise, contract review and drafting, and general legal advice and counsel necessary — but without the commitment, expense or risk of an employment relationship. We have particular depth serving as outside counsel for many retail automotive dealerships.

Businesses lacking a full-time, in-house counsel often pay high legal bills for relatively minor matters done on an ad hoc basis. Having an outside attorney resource, someone who knows your business, prevents wasting legal budgets, without requiring you to make a major commitment. Another benefit of having an independent contractor provide these services is that if the fit does not work, the relationship can end without dispute. Our most frequently requested areas of general counsel services include:

From clothing manufacturers to retail auto dealers (and businesses in between), companies across California rely on our industry experience and business judgment to serve as their outside general counsel

  • Franchise relationship issues
  • State legal and regulatory issues
  • Corporate governance
  • Real estate
  • Financial records / business insurance
  • Loan documents and bank relationships
  • Consumer relations / sales practices
  • Advertising
  • Employment / HR
  • Succession issues
  • Co-ownership issues
  • Environmental
  • Safety / emergency issues
  • General advice and counsel

How the outside general counsel services program works

Needs assessment

To start, we help you decide if your legal needs require a full-time, in-house counsel. Our assessment engagement is covered by a flat-fee agreement and provides for your legal needs during the evaluation period.

Determination: Outside general counsel needed

Should our assessment indicate that you do not need a full-time lawyer, we can provide the services you do need, at a fraction of the typical hourly rate of most business lawyers. We provide all services, except for litigation, retainer style — at an easy-to-budget, flat monthly rate.

Determination: Full-time counsel needed

If your company would benefit from a full-time lawyer, we help you find and transition the right individual into your organization. Clients appreciate our involvement, saying it reduces the risks associated with over-hiring or training a new hire.

Wondering if our Outside General Counsel Services Program might be just what your dealership of business needs? Contact us to find out more.